I studied finance and management at Georgetown University before attending the Fordham University School of Law.


From my very first day at Linklaters, I have been constantly challenged to expand my skills and take on more responsibility. Partners at the firm are keen to help you progress, so I have been exposed to large, complex, multijurisdictional deals involving international corporates. And while my technical skills have developed as a result, so too have my interpersonal and presentational skills, largely due to the daily interaction with our clients and colleagues.


Working with clients remains one of the most interesting parts of my job. Linklaters encourages business development at all levels, so I’m constantly thinking about ways of connecting with both potential and existing clients. Whether I am taking them for coffee or to an art exhibition, I have the full support of partners to develop those relationships. Furthermore, Linklaters’ extensive network of international offices and the firm’s ability to bring teams together from around the globe is understandably a major selling point for the clients too.


The best advice I could give to any candidate thinking of joining Linklaters is to do it! The quality of work is unparalleled, and you will be exposed to a wealth of challenges. The people are also great to be around. Not only are they incredibly smart, but they’re fun. We socialize quite a bit, and there’s always an opportunity to take a break from work and connect with your colleagues.