Your application

Getting to know each other

We understand that applying may feel daunting and time-consuming but we'll do everything we can to make it an enjoyable experience. Selection is mutual. It allows us to find more about you. But it's also an opportunity for you to decide whether we’re right for you. So ask questions, allow time to think and do your research.

Above all, we're looking for individuals, not robots. We're interested in what you can bring to the firm. So throughout the recruitment process, take every opportunity to demonstrate your many skills: commercial awareness, communication skills, drive, motivation, intellect, teamwork and attention to detail.

First things first

The first step to join Linklaters Amsterdam is to click here and to check our opportunities. By clicking on the opportunity, you are asked to fill out an online application form, which should include your Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter explaining your interest in the firm and your detailed academic transcripts.

Before putting fingers to keyboard, make sure you’re clear in your own mind. Why have you chosen Linklaters? Why do you want to become a commercial lawyer? What is it that excites you about our work?

We'll need you to complete some basic information: personal details, a summary of your education, languages and background. We estimate this will take around 15 minutes.

If you have specific personal requirements, please also explain them in the appropriate section so that we can take them into consideration.

Also, attention to detail is essential for a lawyer, so check the whole form thoroughly to eradicate grammar and spelling errors.

Step by step

  1. Once you've completed your application form, upload your application form to our internal system by clicking 'Send my application’.
  2. To save your work at any time, click the 'Save and finish later’ button at the bottom of each screen.
  3. You can retrieve your work via the 'Log in' button on the website. Select 'Saved drafts'.
  4. When you're happy everything is complete, submit your form.
  5. Every application form is personally reviewed by a member of our Human Resources team.

Meet us!

We provide many opportunities for students to meet us throughout the year - including law fairs, in house events at our premises and we are happy to meet you over a nice cup of coffee or tea.  

Stay connected regarding our events. Join our Facebook page under Linklaters Amsterdam and get a step ahead!


A part of the selection procedure is to complete an assessment. The assessment consists of two personality tests and four analytical tests, so you can show off your critical and logical thinking.

We strongly encourage you to try practice tests before you complete the assessment. The Amsterdam HR team will provide you with information to allow you to practice.

If you have any questions during the process, or want to speak to us about your personal circumstances, please contact the team at


During the interview, you will meet with a member of the Human Resources team as well as with a Partner, Counsel or Managing Associate. Throughout the interview, we like to connect with you personally as much as possible. This is also a chance to discuss more general topics around commercial awareness and assess your technical skills.

The interview is an opportunity both to show us what you can do and to see if Linklaters is right for you.

We have a clear idea of the qualities and aptitudes that make a successful Linklaters lawyer: teamwork, communication, motivation, time management and commercial thinking.

To get the best out of your interview, remind yourself of our approach and what we are looking for.

We aim to provide the interview feedback within one week. Regardless of the outcome we strive to provide everyone with personal feedback.