Our opportunities

Investing in you

Business Teams play a crucial role in driving the firm forward. As a Legal Secretary, Assistant, Advisor or Manager in our Business Teams, you'll have access to a programme that flexes to suit the goals of your role and personal development. The Linklaters Law & Business School provides a framework, offering market-leading courses and enabling you to broaden and deepen professional skills. You'll attend milestone courses at key stages of your career and have the option to take up tailored elective courses, coaching and online support.

Our Resource Management team ensures that matters are resourced efficiently, cost effectively and fairly, taking into consideration sustainable utilisation levels and the professional development of our lawyers.

Each member of the Resource Management team tailors their role to the specific needs of the practice group so they can offer the greatest value. With access to diversity related data, utilisation statistics, career development objectives, associate/client relationships and skill gaps, RMs are well equipped to help their respective practice groups make the best decision when organising support on new matters; taking a more objective stance on allocation and avoiding unconscious bias ensuring work is spread fairly amongst our Associate population.

Innovation is about doing things differently to improve the client and lawyer experience as well as increase efficiency. It runs through everything we do at Linklaters – our legal advice, the way we deliver our services to clients and the way we run our business.

We have a core Innovation team with members based in London, Germany, Italy and Asia, and combine that with innovation lawyers embedded across core practice groups working side-by side with the lawyers and business managers. Our work is practice driven (through an ideation platform) and we also tackle some big future themes, such as leveraging data, XR and design thinking approaches to the way we work.

Knowledge and Learning is critical to the success of the firm and Linklaters places a very high value on both developing the knowledge and skills of every individual and, crucially, sharing our knowledge across the global firm. We are committed to providing excellent, relevant and exciting knowledge and learning that develop capabilities for the future.

Included in the graduate scheme is our Knowledge Technologies team, who are responsible for bringing the knowledge & expertise of the whole firm to every client, on every matter, through the development and promotion of Knowledge Systems. The tech is the best in the market – and used by our lawyers and business development teams every day. The opportunity to work in this area would include full training, and frequent collaboration with our Online Content team, Film & Media team and Technology functions.

Re:link is the firm's flexible contract lawyer platform. We provide Linklaters' clients and our practices with swift access to a community of high-quality contract lawyers to address fixed term or flexible resourcing needs.

Our clients are always challenging us to service their needs with increased innovation and efficiency and Re:link forms part of the firm's response to this challenge. Some examples of circumstances where Re:Link excels include where a Linklaters client is:

  • in need of short-term expert cover for a team member going on leave
  • is under-resourced but they are restricted regarding the recruitment of permanent hires
  • working on a short-term project which requires niche expertise
  • asking for a Linklaters' secondee and the practice is unable to send one.