I worked in Banking and Finance for five years before starting law school at Cornell. I started off my career in Audit at KPMG Trinidad and Tobago. After that I worked as a Credit Analyst with a commercial bank, and as a Financial Analyst at EY.

What differentiates Linklaters from other law firms is the open and inclusive culture. It allows me to be my true self while still being able to integrate into the firm.

As a junior, the main impact I can have in my role is providing senior colleagues with work they can rely on, by being accurate and thorough on every assignment. I don’t have enough legal knowledge yet to directly advise clients, but I maintain client relationships by being responsive. I always respond to their emails promptly, just to let them know that I’m present and willing to help.

I’d tell any students embarking on a career in law to find an area they’re passionate about, and to follow that passion. It’s a long journey, but it’s a lot easier when you love what you do.