During my final year at university, I got a great opportunity to join Linklaters as an IT student, which has enabled me to understand how essential technology is to supporting the work lawyers carry out. After I graduated, I started my career in Linklaters’ IT support team and this provided me with the experience of being a custom-oriented IT professional by learning different kinds of technology and building good relationships with a range of diverse people.


I have worked at Linklaters for four years now. Last year was a turning point in my journey here as I was promoted to Technology Training Consultant. Although there have been some challenges, I have also been motivated to contribute more to the business professionally and to develop my career growth personally. The firm and team continuously help me explore my potential and improve my skills. There are various development courses for our continuous improvement at Linklaters, such as the Advisor Milestone course which trains advisors to add value to what we do.


As a dedicated trainer in Asia, I provide training support across our regional offices, and I also need to collaborate with my global team. It is not easy because of the physical distances and time zone differences, but I’m proud to be in a team which is very supportive and understanding.


Not only offering a desirable working environment, Linklaters also organises various social activities for team development and bonding, such as regular Friday drinks. Linklaters definitely encourages a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture!


Linklaters embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. Not only will you be inspired and driven to achieve a successful career, you will also have a lot of fun at Linklaters.