I moved to New York City from Utah to attend college, where I studied History at Columbia University with a specialization in the economic history of early modern Europe. Immediately after college, I attended law school at Cornell, where I was involved in the Native American Law Students Association and worked as an articles editor for the Cornell Law Review.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed in comparison to my peers at other firms is the culture here, and the character of my co-workers. There’s a shared sensibility of being open to learning about, and exploring, the wider world. In fact, close to half of the lawyers I work with are at least business-level proficient in a language other than English.

The global aspect of Linklaters cannot be understated - every single deal I’ve worked on has been a cross-border transaction. But my favorite part of Linklaters is the opportunity to work on as much as I can handle. If you’re able to step up and take on assignments or responsibilities beyond your ‘class year’, then you’ll be given those opportunities.

Given the relatively small teams at the firm, you will end up in close contact with clients, opposing counsel and third-party advisors from day one. This can seem overwhelming at first, but it also gives you an opportunity to see and interact with the people who are benefiting from your legal advice.