I spent two summers at Linklaters – as an SEO Pre-Law Scholar in New York (2015) and summer associate in New York and London (2017) – before re-joining the Firm as an associate in 2018. I am an Investment Funds associate in the New York office.


The primary thing that differentiates Linklaters from other firms is the level of connectivity across our global offices. We truly function as one firm world-wide, and the frequency with which we communicate with each other really solidifies this network. This isn’t just about working together on cross-border matters – it extends to global training and development opportunities, as well as global practice area retreats.


I do think there is such a thing as a “Linklaters culture”, but each group has its own personality, and the key is finding the practice group that meshes with your own personality.


I am very proud of the impact I’ve been able to make during my time at the firm. I have worked very hard to increase my group’s and my role in advising clients on ESG-related matters. I have studied up on my own, and I’ve contributed to building institutional knowledge about the topic. I’ve also developed client-facing materials and have even given presentations to clients. As a more junior member of the team, you might assume that you cannot pursue your own initiatives or interests. On the contrary, I have found that it really is possible – and the impact you can have is significant.


In addition to focusing on developing my expertise as a lawyer, I am also focused on developing strong relationships with my clients. Doing good work is probably the number one way in which to do this. Earning a client’s trust is a long and difficult process and being reliable (both in terms of responsiveness and the quality of your work) is probably the best way to strengthen and maintain your client relationships.