Linklaters is a leading firm that’s known globally for excellence. So when I had an offer to join, I didn’t have to think twice.

As an Advisor in the EU Law and Policy Group, I’m part of a global hub monitoring and analysing legal and institutional developments within the EU. To that end, networking plays a crucial role and I’m in frequent contact with EU regulators and public affairs officials in Brussels. I really enjoy being part of such a dynamic, multi-national team. Especially as my responsibilities are constantly evolving: every day is different.

Our role is critical, giving Linklaters access to a wide range of information, and ensuring our lawyers can offer legal advice that’s informed by intelligent insights into EU policy. We provide a service that’s unmatched by Linklaters’ competitors. 

I'm able, too, to make full use of my previous experience. I’ve worked both at an economics think-tank and at a political consultancy. I have a BA in Economic History and two MAs: in International Relations and European Interdisciplinary Studies. And I’m currently completing a BA in Law.

Linklaters is a community of diverse, brilliant people that it’s a pleasure to work with. While demands are considerable, so are the resources on offer, and colleagues are always willing to help. Linklaters is full of young, friendly and talented people. I’ve made some great friends here and as captain of the football team, I see a lot of them outside of work. The Brussels office has also been very welcoming to expats like me, helping with the integration process. And there are many opportunities to move around internally and to continue learning and development. If you’re bright, resilient, and a hard worker, I can highly recommend working here.