I was born and raised in Scotland then moved to Spain with my family. In Spain you're able to specialise directly in employment law. After I’d got my degree, and spent some time as a legal employment advisor in a small firm, I relocated to Brussels. I was excited by the international culture in Belgium and a friend stressed how happy she was working at Linklaters.

Two years later, I’m very happy with my choice. It’s very professional here but also relaxed: everyone is easy going and welcoming. When working on a draft we bounce ideas off each other and there’s no distinction between more senior lawyers and Paralegals. When there have been several people involved in a project we sign it from all of us. There’s flexibility to manage work-life balance too – so if you work late, you can come in late, for example. In my role on the social committee we organise surprises, like when we adopted a pony for a colleague on his birthday! We’re about 52 people and all very close. It's great to have that support as many of us are a long way from our families.

Whether its drafting skills or improving client communication skills or IT, Linklaters is always encouraging you to get the training you need. We even have a public speaking coach in the office – not a lot of firms offer that for their employees.

I’m partly client-facing and partly Paralegal, sharing knowledge and advising on databases and documents. So I can feel the impact my work makes in both ways. My documents are the basis of research for more senior colleagues, and often used in court. Added to that, I’m also involved in training new joiners. For the first few weeks they come to me, I introduce them to the team and really make a big effort to help them settle in.