I was born in Singapore but came to the U.K. to study. Two decades later I’m still here, having trained at Linklaters, qualified into their Restructuring and Insolvency practice, and being made a partner in 2021.


Linklaters offers its clients an experience that’s hard to beat. We give them the best advice, informed by a deep understanding of their business and sector, and help them find their way through complex challenges while insulating them from the stresses of the process. In my practice area, the rewards are there when you help save a business and people’s jobs.  


As for our people, they get to work in a hugely collaborative, inclusive environment where there’s every kind of opportunity – including formal training, on-the-job learning, client and overseas secondments – all designed to help them reach their full potential.


What I really like about Linklaters is the feeling that you can learn something new every day. Even as a partner, there are opportunities to stretch yourself and become a better lawyer or leader. For instance, I get to shape the direction of the business and drive positive change in the workplace. At the same time, I may be supporting junior lawyers and mentoring school children or other external professionals, and participating in pro bono projects.


My advice to students wanting to get into this business is: have a clear understanding of why you want to do this. Having a sense of purpose can be really helpful – it anchors you. And never stop being curious. Make it your business to understand everything. There is no task you will not learn from.