I studied Law, and qualified, in India. The Vacation Scheme was just the stepping stone I needed to help me on my way.

I was able to see the variety of work at Linklaters, attending presentations on the firm and its core practice areas. Very often, we would have group exercises, activities and social events too, to get to know other Scheme students.

What was clear is that there’s no set person here. People at Linklaters have diverse interests and personalities – it's what makes life there so dynamic and enjoyable. The vibe is very energetic, everyone works hard, and it pushes you to do your best. People are so friendly, too. Thursday cakes and the drinks trolley on Friday are well attended! And it’s really fun to go out socialising with colleagues.

As a Trainee, I had ample training, and the Associate allocated as my buddy has been especially useful. I’ve also had a fair bit of client exposure in my seats, as I've been in charge of sharing documents with clients and responding to their comments. And when I was doing pro bono work to assist ESL (English as a second language) students with job searching, I developed a real bond with my client. I was thrilled when I found out their job application was successful. It was fantastic to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

People at Linklaters have diverse interests and personalities – it’s what makes life here so dynamic and enjoyable”. Sahana Keshav, Trainee Solicitor