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Linklaters in Belgium

A site of historic importance, our Belgium head office is located opposite the Royal Palace.

Occupying around 17,600 square metres, you'll find an environment designed to make it easier for you to concentrate on your career. Extensive facilities include a dedicated floor for client meetings, a large events auditorium, an in-house restaurant and ironing and dry-cleaning services. You can join our free yoga classes or the office’s walking, soccer, running and cycling groups, and use our shower facilities afterwards.

It would be easy to let the imposing buildings of our Belgian offices lead you to make assumptions about our working culture. But of course, the atmosphere here is characteristic of the firm wherever you are in the world. You’ll find office doors open and, regardless of your level, everyone contributes and is listened to. We trust you completely as a colleague. And so, while everything is geared to helping you respond to our clients’ needs - we’ll help you to work flexibly, and also remotely, if and when you need to. Joining us you'll also be struck by the sheer quality of your colleagues.

This is Linklaters in Belgium, where a special history, welcoming culture and an international network combine, for a hugely rewarding career.

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Practice Diploma Programme

Designed for your first four years as an Associate, this programme equips you with the knowledge to thrive in a changing global economy. It's made up of three core areas:

Global Technical Core Skills (GTCS)

First, is a foundation course. These modules provide the technical legal foundation you need while also introducing you to your chosen practice area.

Global Associate Core Skills (GACS)

GACS 1 is a two-day programme. You'll improve your self-awareness, find out how to manage yourself better, and become an ever-more effective communicator.

GACS 2 is held over three days. Here, the focus is on interaction with clients and colleagues. Topics include issue management and developing others, all under the overarching theme of exceptional client service.

To keep you engaged, a variety of learning methods are put to good use on both programmes. These include internal expert sessions, group discussion, case studies and even roleplays with professional actors. Elective programmes are offered too in areas such as presentation, delegation and influencing skills.

Further skills

There is also, of course, specific knowledge you'll need that's relevant to your office, jurisdiction and practice. This programme covers the global and local technical training to fill those gaps.

The Managing Associate Diploma Programme

This is a structured training programme that will help you to build your client, business and commercial skills. In particular, it's designed to help you contribute effectively to our expertise as a global law firm. All Managing Associates attend a two-day development centre, where they focus on performance in their current role and get support to plan career progress. In addition, elective programmes are offered to support your individual development needs, ranging from business development to negotiation skills to performance coaching.

The Linklaters Leadership Programme

Over the past four years, almost 300 Partners have attended the Linklaters Leadership Programme – a five-day course run by professors from Harvard Business School. You'll analyse case studies on topics ranging from strategy to crisis management. On the way, you'll get to know what it takes to be a leader at Linklaters – and equip yourself with the skills you need.

Partner development

We offer tailored programmes throughout a Partner's career. They address your specific needs at pivotal points, whether aiming for election, stepping up to broader responsibilities, considering a firm leadership position or supporting the development of other Partners.


Linklaters places great importance on the quality of our work, supporting clients, nurturing a positive culture and the global scope of our impact. And our secondments, both within Linklaters and with our clients, help us to live up to these values.

First, they help our people to develop their careers, expanding commercial knowledge and building relationships. In turn, the firm benefits through the sharing of best practice and resources, and optimising how we work based on the lessons we learn. And our clients benefit from the diverse team we're able to introduce them to.